Minecraft Mobs 1.13: ‘The Update Aquatic’

Minecraft Mobs 1.13: ‘The Update Aquatic’

Everyone in Minecraftia is buzzing about the new 1.13 and it seems like the Update has quite a lot to offer; from fish to Phantoms!  The new mobs are here and they’re definitely something to splash about!

The majority of mobs introduced in the new update are mostly Aquatic, including dolphins, turtles, and fish that the player can interact with as they swim in ocean and river biomes.

While fish are nothing new to Minecraftia they have never been very interactive. Rather than tossing a line into the water and waiting for a bite, the player can now dive in and attack these peaceful mobs who will drop the item version of themselves for the player to pick up. Be wary of the puffer-fish, however, touching him can be just as lethal as ingesting him.

Dolphins are a new experience as well. While the player can ride this mob, these aquatic mammals can be fed raw fish and lead the player on a new adventure filled with shipwrecks and treasure. Though there is danger here as well; when attacked these mobs will most certainly fight back, along with any nearby friends it may have.

The final addition to the friendly Mobs in 1.13 are turtles. These cute green reptiles spawn in warm beaches where they lay their eggs. While these eggs can be collected using a silk touch pickaxe, it might be worth the wait to watch the little hatchlings crawl from their shells and back into the water where they will mature and return to their home beach to repeat the process.

As for hostile mobs, the update introduces two new forms of undead: phantoms seem to have their own style, however, choosing to stay high in the sky and swoop down on their prey, instead of dragging them under. These flying nightmares are attracted to players who don’t like to sleep at night and were voted into existence at MineCon 2017.


The drowned are zombie-like mobs who can spawn underwater or be created if a zombie spends too much time floating in the deep blue sea. These slimy looking mobs pop up when you least expect them and can carry swords, bows, and even tridents to hit a player with extra damage while they are swimming.

The new version has a lot to offer and holds a new mob for everyone to enjoy, from the treasure hunter to monster slayer!

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