New Multi-platform Horror Game to be Released: Crying is Not Enough

New Multi-platform Horror Game to be Released: Crying is Not Enough

Crying is Not Enough will soon be making it’s mark on the Playstation 4, XBox One, and Steam as it gives us our first look into the game with its new trailer.

Crying is Not Enough is a third-person horror game where the key is to survive and find your missing wife. With a variety of survival techniques and with the weapons provided, you must solve puzzles along the way to continue making progress.

The story centers around Jacob Helten and his wife Claire. Claire had been through a car accident and was admitted to the hospital. Before being discharged Claire disappears from the hospital. The evening of her disappearance, an unknown woman approaches Jacob telling him she knows where Claire is and wants to help in finding her. Fighting through hatred, fear, and agony you must adapt and survive mutated patients while trying to save your wife.

Crying is not Enough will be released to Steam on June 8th with the Playstation 4 and Xbox One releases to follow.

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