Bethesda Saves the Best for Last – The Elder Scrolls 6

During E3, Bethesda has made many exciting announcements, but perhaps left their mic drop announcement to the very end with this teaser trailer for The Elder Scrolls 6.

While the teaser trailer doesn’t appear to reveal much, fans can take a few hints from the scenery, especially, if you’re a hardcore Elder Scrolls fan. As the video starts out with a heavy fog, only to reveal some steep green hills which transition to a craggy, coastal view of a city in the distance. Devoted fans of the TES series may recall some descriptions from books within the previous games themselves. From a description from the book Pocket Guide to the Empire, what viewers can surmise is a view of High Rock, or at least one of its cities itself. As High Rock is described as having “…rolling hills, split in half by towering mountains…” this trailer definitely seems to be a teaser of this area.

While we all may be excited and ready for TES 6’s release as it has been over four years since The Elder Scrolls Online was released and a surprising seven years since TES 5, Bethesda indicated that development would begin after work on another new release, Starfield was complete. Starfield is slated to come out some time in 2019, which means a possible 2020 release. Yes, that seems like forever, but lets all hope that the wait will give us the biggest Elder Scrolls game to date.

Source – IGN

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