Fallout 76 Power Armor Collector’s Edition Revealed

Fallout 76 Power Armor Collector’s Edition Revealed

During the E3 presentation last night, Bethesda revealed the official Collector’s Edition for Fallout 76, including a huge Power Armor helmet and glow-in-the-dark map.

If this Collector’s Edition wasn’t cool enough with the headlining Power Armor wearable helmet, we have the full list below courtesy of Amazon:

  • Full-Scale Wearable T-51 Power Armor Helmet – functional LED lamp, voice modulator speaker, and V.A.T.S. sound feature
  • West Tek Canvas Carrying Bag 
  • Glow-in-the Dark World Terrain Map – 21 x 21 inch map with six distinct regions in West Virginia outlined
  • 24 Collectible Fallout Figurines – crafted from in-game 3D models of Vault Dwellers, Power Armored Soldiers, and Creatures
  • Fallout 76 Tricentennial Edition Bonus In-Game Items

You can watch the official release from E3 below.

We’ll keep you informed of new Fallout 76 information, including the Microsoft panel reveal and the Bethesda gameplay reveal.

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