Yu-Gi-Oh: World Premire Archetype for Cybernetic Horizon Revealed

Yu-Gi-Oh: World Premire Archetype for Cybernetic Horizon Revealed

In a humorous reveal, a Konami representative announced a brand-new archetype that will release in the TCG version of Cybernetic Horizon. Will it be yet another reason to buy the incredibly anticipated set, and will it have any impact on the meta?

During an intermission between featured duels in their live coverage of the 2018 Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship North American Qualifiers, a Konami representative interviewed a competitor. While at first, it seemed like the interview was just to fill time until the next duel (at this point they had shown the same five adds around 20 times in the past 4 hours of coverage), the final question was asked: “Do you think Bigfoot is Docile or Aggressive?” when the duelist answered “Docile,” the Interviewer showed him a Bigfoot-Inspired card, citing its 3000 attack points and ability to destroy cards upon it’s discard, concluded that Bigfoot was indeed aggressive.

After seeing the card, the duelist remarked that he had never seen it before, leaving the perfect window for the Interviewer to reveal the card to the camera, albeit with its effect covered up. Ironically, the Bigfoot card was not in focus when it was shown, as a play on the fact that photos of the Urban Legend are often blurry. This so-called “Danger” Archetype will debut at the end of July in Cybernetic Horizon, and leaves the question: Just what is this archetype?

Fortunately, around 40 minutes later, duelists received their answer. In another interview, the interviewer asked the same questions, until he reached the final question. this time, he asked: “If the Loch Ness Monster played Yu-Gi-Oh, what deck would he play?” The same event unfolded: duelist answered, and the interviewer revealed a new card, this time a Loch Ness Monster, once again blurry and with its effect hidden. This confirmed that the World Premiere deck will indeed be an Urban Legend-themed deck.

Already known are Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, so what else is coming? A Chupacabra? Dog-Man? Fans will just have to wait until Cybernetic Horizon launches in the Americas and Europe on July 29th, 2018.

We’ll keep you posted as news develops from the World Championship North American Qualifier continues.

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