BBC Reveals New Doctor Who Toys

BBC Reveals New Doctor Who Toys

In preparation for the San Diego Comic-Con, the BBC has revealed several new Doctor Who toys featuring Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor. The new items come from several well-known geeky and nerdy toymakers such as Funko, Titan, Her Universe, and Character Options all to be displayed at next week’s SDDC.

Funko’s two popular lines of figures, Pop! And Rock Candy will feature Ms. Whittaker in her new outfit revealed earlier in the year. You can see these two figures at the BBC America booth (#4129) and Funko booths (#5341 and 5347).

Doctor Who toys

Funko Toys

Titan has also licensed two limited-edition figures. Both measuring 6.5 inches tall. One in their TITAN line and the other in their Kawaii TITAN series. These figures will also be featured at the BBC America booth and Titan Entertainment’s booth (#5537). These will be sold at SDDC with any remaining to be sold at Hot Topic, the BBC Shop, and Forbidden Planet.

Doctor Who toys

Another entry in the toy collectibles is from Character Options. Their figures feature exquisitely detailed features and even dressed in actual fabric accessories. This figure comes with a yet-to-be-revealed sonic screwdriver. Pre-ordering is also available now.

Doctor Who toys

Character Options

Last, but not least, timelord cosplayers can rejoice as Her Universe will also be debuting the 13th Doctor’s costume for purchase. Included in this costume is the already recognizable rainbow-striped shirt, long lavender coat, and blue trousers. The ensemble will also be available at SDCC the Her Universe booth (#1321) and will also be sold this fall at Hot Topic.

Doctor Who toys

Most of the toys will debut in stores and online this fall, just in time for Jodie Whittaker’s debut as the freshly regenerated timelord.

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