The Binding of Isaac Four Souls Kickstarter Closing with $2 Million in Funding

The Binding of Isaac Four Souls Kickstarter Closing with $2 Million in Funding

The Kickstarter for The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls will be coming to a close tonight. Since it started, it managed to crush it’s goal of $50,000 and earn a total of $2 million and change in funding!

Piles and piles of pennies.

Back near the end of June, we reported that Edmund Mcmillen, creator of games such as Super Meat BoyThe Binding of Isaac, and The End is Nigh, was teasing a new project. That project, a four-player card game based off of the Isaac games, was officially posted on June 27. So far the Kickstarter has been a wild success, having surpassed it’s goal in 1.5 hours. Since that quick victory, Edmund has been having fans participate in various activities to unlock new stretch goals. These include odd tasks like:

  • Finding pieces of a mock-up for cards based off of Guppy, Edmund’s late cat that made a cameo in the Isaac games.
  • Recording yourself singing an acapella version of a song from the game.
  • Playing through The Binding of Isaac Rebirth with a friend and beating the boss ‘Hush’ single Isaac co-op style (one player on movement and the other on tears).

With the Kickstarter winding down, the final task is to retweet/donate/like in order to defeat Delirium (the true final boss of The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth +):

These various tasks have made this Kickstarter quite a fun one to follow. As part of a Kickstarter AMA (Ask Me Anything) held yesterday, Edmund explained his reasoning for launching the game via Kickstarter:

The Kickstarter for The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls will end tomorrow morning at 3 Eastern time. A $25 donation guarantees a version of the base game. For those who give $35 or more, donors will get the gold box version. This version of the game comes with extra cards that won’t be available in the normal retail version. At least for now as far as we know.

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