Adam Savage to Join Mythbusters Jr.

Adam Savage Mythbusters Jr

It was a sad day when hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman busted their last myth. Fans of the duo thought that this was surely the last we’d see these two guys busting myths. But only two years since that “tragic” day, Adam Savage announced that he will be returning to the Mythbuster fold for Mythbusters Jr.

Even though the rumors were first mentioned in April, Savage confirms his return and why. After 14 years of nearly 40 weeks a year producing Mythbusters, one could see why Adam decided to give the series a rest. He chose to avoid the series Mythbusters: The Search when Discovery decided to try a different approach by giving it a more competitive genre and aid the Science Channel is finding new hosts for their reboot of the series.

Adam Savage Mythbusters Jr

Even though the original series ended in March 2016, Savage decided to return so soon for one big reason…to pass his knowledge to the next generation. When Discovery approached him to host, Adam, being a recent empty-nester felt he had the time and the need to share his skills and knowledge with a new generation. Savage stated, “Everything I know needs to move out to the world.” We couldn’t agree more and can’t wait for him to be the new host of Mythbusters Jr. due out later this year.

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