Castle Rock to Feature New Story Each Season

Castle Rock Anthology

Stephen King’s latest outing in horror storytelling is a television series titled Castle Rock airing on Hulu. This new series will feature an anthology style season with a new story being told each season should the series be picked up after its inaugural season.

For those that think this is an adaption to one of the Master of Suspense’s books, it is actually fresh new stories featured in the Stephen King universe. The series features a few Easter eggs and inside references to King’s previous works. There are even several stars that have been in some of his TV and movie adaptations such as Sissy Spacek and Bill Skarsgard. Along with other big names in the industry like Scott Glenn and Terry O’Quinn, you’ll never know when a familiar face will pop up on your screen.

However, Mr. King hopes that viewers will take more from the series than just a few familiar places and faces. King hopes viewers will embrace the new stories rather than look for Easter eggs and book references.

Castle Rock Anthology

Promo with faux book cover

Per Sam Shaw, co-creator of the series, their ideas are to treat each season as if it were a new Stephen King novel. With this unique approach, this should have King fans clamoring for more seasons. Hulu uploaded the first 3 episodes on July 25th with a new episode to be released each week after for a total of 10 episodes.

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