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Battle for Azeroth Renews Faction Hostilities

While this may be World of Warcraft’s 7th expansion, Battle for Azeroth has renewed the more than decade-long hostilities across factions. Back in the early days (vanilla) of WoW and even in the RTS Warcraft games, the line between the Horde and the Alliance was always solidly an “us vs. them” mentality. What started as orcs versus humans developed into the full-on dislike (and even hatred) of the opposite side.

In the BFA expansion, the story is rife with mistrust, and dare I say, hatred of each other. Just fresh from the battle against the Legion, there were already hints of the old wounds reopening. After Sargeras thrust his sword into Azeroth, creating the powerful Azerite, both factions begin to vie for control of the powerful substance. While outward appearances seem selfless, (Sylvanas wants to ensure the safety of the Horde, Anduin wants to keep it out of her hands lest she abuses its incredible power.) both sides want the upper hand for control and power in Azeroth.

Battle for Azeroth hostilities

The hatred is mutual.

Perhaps what truly reignited the outright hatred is when Sylvanas makes the war more of a personal vendetta that just mere casualties. As she burns one of the world trees in Teldrassil, she kills hundreds of innocent citizens in her wake. Even other leaders within the Horde have trust issues at this point. This one cruel act reignites (pardon the pun) the war on Azeroth leading this world into an unknown fate while Azeroth itself bleeds from sword thrust into her heart.

As I logged into the game today (on both sides), I saw a renewed excitement for the expansion and more so a renewed devotion to each faction. Players were ready to kick some Horde (or Alliance) butt as soon as the expansion went live. The actual expansion went live Monday on the servers. However, the official start is today as many await their collector’s editions to arrive in the mail. With the War Mode enabled, an ingenious way to control world PVP, we must wait and see how intense the battles between the sides get.

No matter what side you root for, this expansion should prove to be a memorable one at least. Blizzard has outdone themselves in the promotion and storytelling leading up to the release. Now if they could only resolve authentication issues. Ahh, the joys of opening day in the expansion.

Battle for Azeroth hostilities

Uh oh! Problems already.

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