Far Cry 5’s Dead Living Zombies

Ubisoft has released their third and final entry in this season’s pass with Dead Living Zombies. They will release the zombie-filled DLC on August 28th and should prove to be a big hit with those undead loving folks.

The DLC will have both solo and co-op play with military-themed missions at military bases, farmlands, and urban rooftops. Sounds like a bit of zombie parkour will be had in this expansion.  To add some campy vibes to the DLC. D-list film director Guy Marvel will provide narration.

Ubisoft released Far Cry 5 earlier in the year in all it’s splendid carnage as another lively action-adventure first-person shooter. In its open world environment, gameplay is just as the slogan states, “Anything can happen. Everything will.”

As the new deputy in town, you are tasked with eradicating (or at least controlling) The Project at Eden’s Gate.  Your biggest issue is the Seed family and all their radical ideas and behaviors. The campy humor should thrive in this expansion. Perhaps one of the Seeds’ will become a zombie.

Fans of the game are hoping for some sweet zombie killing weapons. Who knows, maybe there will even be a machete or shotgun for those fans of zombie flicks.

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