Housemarque Announces Stormdivers

Game developer Housemarque announced at Gamescom convention in Germany the target release of their latest game Stormdivers. This just after they announced that “arcade gaming was dead,” detailed their next big project featuring an Unreal-powered free-for-all battle game.

Stormdivers will be a third-person shooter based in a science fiction setting of an environment plagued by clouds of nanobots and groups of scavengers who fight one another for their technology. The premise of the game is to retrieve this technology and sell it on the black market. This should make for a cutthroat and chaotic game as players vie for the treasured tech.

Housemarque Stormdivers

Clouds of nanobots

Their early design phase began in 2016 when they began work on the foundation of the gaming code. They didn’t make an official statement until Housemarque was certain that the gaming environment was stable enough to go forward. You have to appreciate their caution and can only hope it will be a solid venture into third-person shooters.

Housemarque Stormdivers

One of the many weapons in the game

Some of the proposed designs will include a 50+ player scenario on a roughly 3 square kilometer island-themed map. While the game will rely heavily on gamers’ skills, the game will supply a powerful suite with available augmentations. Depending on available upgrades, the armor has the potential to sway the game outcome.

Housemarque Stormdivers

Augment your suit to survive another day

Gamers curious to check out their new game can sign up for beta testing on Housemarque’s site. Stormdivers target launch is late 2018 or early 2019.

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