Vampyr Heads to Television

Vampyr Television

Yet another video game is being developed into a television series. Dontnod Entertainment granted rights to Fox 21, a subsidiary of 20th Century Fox, for a Vampyr television series. This just after news in July of another one of their games, Life is Strange being developed for a TV series as well.

Seems the latest trend in television is to take video games and turn them into series. Since comic books are box office gold and also successful on TV, why not turn another geeky institution into ratings and financial success. DJ2 Entertainment and Wonderland Sound & Vision will develop the Vampyr series.

The game features the main character as a newly turned vampire, Dr. Jonathan Reid in London 1918. In the game, you must find a cure for the vampiric disease while dealing with being a vampire yourself. Conflicted emotions go awry as your character deals with his hunger for blood and his desire to be a hero. As a vampire, you have supernatural abilities to fight and survive with. This anti-hero tale\video game is the perfect struggle between the beast and the humanity within (or good vs. evil).

The game, despite some technical issues, has met with rave reviews since its June 2018 release and is available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. A debut date for the series hasn’t been announced, so stay tuned.

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