ABC to Reboot Bewitched

ABC Reboot Bewitched

Another walk down memory lane is about to happen as ABC has decided to reboot the beloved 60’s comedy Bewitched. ABC Studios and Sony Pictures Television commissioned a pilot from Black-ish writer\creator Kenya Barris.

The “new” premise of the pilot will be featuring a bi-racial couple. The episode will feature an African-American Samantha as a single mom who marries the mortal Darrin, a white slacker. Just like the original series, the reboot will focus on Samantha and Darrin as they navigate living with the differences of each of their lives.

ABC Reboot Bewitched

In the original series, Darrin was the big provider and Samantha the stay-at-home wife. The old series often focused on Samantha’s family (all witches and warlocks) who objected to her marrying outside of her own kind. To further add some comedy gold, witches and warlocks weren’t allowed to cast spells in front of mortals. Even Darrin constantly discouraged Samantha not to practice magic as it wasn’t “the right thing to do.” We’ll have to see if the new slacker Darrin feels the same or loves the shortcuts witchcraft could give him.

ABC Reboot Bewitched

Heralded a great comedy classic, the original series ran from 1964 to 1972. In 2005, Sony Pictures released a movie featuring Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell as the infamous couple. Kenya Barris will also serve as executive producer along with Yamara Taylor, who currently co-produces with Barris on Black-ish. ABC has not released an airdate for the pilot.

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