One Hour One Life Makes the Jump to Steam

Jason Rohrer’s highly ambitious multiplayer humanity simulator One Hour One Life has made the transition to Steam. The move should give the game more visibility and allow for a bigger player base to live life an hour at a time.

Humanity an hour at a time.

One Hour One Life is the most recent project made by game developer Jason Rohrer. The game is a real-time sandbox and crafting simulator. However, it has an interesting twist hinted at in the title. When you play a game, you start the game out as a helpless baby spawned from one of the other players. It’s up to others, including your in-game parent, to carry and feed you until you grow up and become able to fend for yourself. From there, players have one hour of life before they die, assuming they don’t die prematurely from other causes. This cycle of gameplay has players rushing to accomplish what they can for future generations.

One Hour One Life originally released back in February, but was only for sale from the official website.This new purchasing platform should give the game a big boost in visibility. Interestingly enough, buying the game also gets you the game’s full source code. Those with the skills and interest could use this to make modded private servers.

One Hour One Life can be bought on Steam or the official website for $20.

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