About Geekisphere

From video games to entertainment, we are Geekisphere.

What is Geekisphere?

Geekisphere is a virtual magazine which works online in its entirety, and is dedicated to bring readers all the information about the video game industry as well as from the entertainment industry in a more general sense, as news related to different TV Shows, movies and comics are also to be shared by the team behind it, on a professional and unbiased way.

Why are we here?

The idea about the creation of Geekisphere was born primarily as an option for John Heatz to grow professionally on his own, while at the same time growing as a person . At the same time, the idea comes from the necessity of being able to find quality content about topics that have to do with the geek atmosphere such as gaming, comics and everything that relates to these two, including different TV shows that aren’t related, but might of the liking of both, writers and readers of the magazine.

Nowadays, there are a lot of websites, as well as physical and digital magazines that report on similar topics as Geekisphere; however, there are a lot of sites in which finding unbiased opinions and news is quite hard to find. The main issue is finding reviews that will be objective instead of almost completely subjective, with writers labeling a game as “good” or “bad” just because they didn’t particularly like them -or like them too much- without following any sort of objective that would guide them to keep a balance between what must be reviewed, and their personal opinions.

What is Geekisphere’s Mission?

Our mission is to get into the entertainment business, which is currently dominated by companies that have been a part of it for over a decade already; we are starting from the lowest step in the ladder, working our way up step by step, ensuring that we will bring quality content to our readers, that we will be professional at what we do and always being fair and unbiased on the topics that require it, without leaving aside our personal opinions, but keeping a fair balance between both aspects of our work.

Do you accept advertisments?

Do you accept advertisments?

Currently, Geekisphere is accepting applications for advertisment. Please head over to our “Advertise With Us” page for more information.



We do accept sponsored posts. For more information and to contact us, please visit our “Advertise With Us” page.