Brian Renadette

Rockstar Talks About Red Dead Redemption 2’s Scope

It’s no secret that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be a big game. However, in an interview with Vulture, Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser talked about the game and gave us an idea of just how large the game will be.

Brazilian Government Calls for Removal of Steam Game

Valve’s policies on what is acceptable on the Steam store are once again a hot-button issue. Brazil is calling for the removal of a game called Bolsomito 2K18, claiming it’s designed to influence their elections.

Meltan May Be A Pokémon Go Exclusive

A few weeks ago, a strange new Pokémon made an appearance in Pokémon Go. This Pokémon, known as Meltan, is a very interesting Pokémon, as it happens to be the first Pokémon exclusive to a game other than the main games.

Sony Confirms Development of PS4 Successor

The PlayStation 4’s fifth anniversary is quickly approaching, but the next generation is on its way. Sony has officially announced that they are developing a successor to the highly successful console.

Gen 4 Pokémon Coming Soon to Pokémon Go

The mobile creature collecting game Pokémon Go has been slowly adding more to its roster over the years. In a recent video, Niantic has teased the addition of Gen 4 Pokémon to the game.

Skybound Games to Finish Telltale’s The Walking Dead

Since Telltale’s major layoffs a few weeks ago, the fate of The Walking Dead: The Final Chapter has been up in the air. However, they’ve announced a deal with Skybound Games to finish the final two episodes of Clem’s story.

Surviving Mars Unveils First Expansion Pack

The sci-fi colony-building game Surviving Mars is receiving its first expansion pack. The expansion pack, Space Race, adds AI-controlled rival colonies that will compete with the player for dominion over the red planet.

Keep Summer Alive With Overcooked 2: Surf ‘N’ Turf

Summer may be over, but that’s no excuse to put away the barbecue! Overcooked 2 just released their first piece of DLC, Surf ‘N’ Turf, which will have players cooking for patrons by the seaside.

Dance Into Delirium With Cultist Simulator: The Dancer

Weather Factory’s flagship game Cultist Simulator is going to soon release its first piece of DLC. The DLC, titled The Dancer, will allow players to experience the mysterious world of an occult cabaret.

Inside and Limbo Studio Playdead Teases Details on Sci-Fi Game

Playdead, the studio behind indie classics Limbo and Inside shared some information about their upcoming title. In an interview with the Danish website ‘ComputerWorld,’ the studio’s founder said their new game will be a sci-fi title.

Minecraft: Dungeons Announced at Minecon Earth

During the Minecon Earth livesteam last Saturday, Mojang unveiled a new game set in the Minecraft universe. Titled Minecraft: Dungeons, the new game is a dungeon crawler expected to release sometime in 2019.

GLAAD Media Awards to Spotlight Video Games For the First Time Next Year

GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, is including video games as a category for their awards ceremony next year. The Outstanding Video Game Award recognizes work that features “outstanding LGBTQ-inclusive content”.