Brian Renadette

SUPERHOT Goes to Japan in Upcoming Spin-Off

The stylish time-bending shooter SUPERHOT is going to Japan with the help of Japanese studio GameTomo in a spin-off with the working title of SUPERHOT JP. The spin-off will offer players the opportunity to shoot and slice through a variety of Japanese-themed areas. They’ll also get to use new weapons, face new enemies, and other bits of local fun.

A Modern SNES Game About the Dangers of Crunch

Indie publisher Devolver Digital is making a new game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System with the help of Mega Cat Studios. The game, Fork Parker’s Crunch Out, is a game about the dangers of crunch, and is seeking to raise money for the charity Take This.

EA Plans to ‘Push Forward’ with Loot Boxes in Future Games

Electronic Arts has caused some major controversy with the inclusion of loot boxes in Star Wars: Battlefront 2. However, in a recent earnings call, EA chief executive Andrew Wilson said they are planning to “push forward” with loot boxes in future games. He also challenged the common complaint about loot boxes being a form of gambling.

World of Warcraft DDoS Attacker Sentenced to Year in Prison

In 2010, European World of Warcraft servers were the targets of a series of DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks. Now, eight years later, the perpetrator has been sentenced to a year in United States federal prison.

The Fanbase’s Journey to Make Half-Life 2: Episode 3

The Half-Life series is one of Valve’s most well-known properties. Primarily for the fact that development for the series has stopped partway through in the mid-2000’s with Half-Life 2: Episode 2. However, the fans are using official materials in order to continue the story of crowbar-wielding scientist Gordon Freeman.

Everything is going to be OK Releases New Pages, Gets Brutally Self-Revealing

Everything is going to be OK, created by Nathalie Lawhead, is not what you would call a ‘traditional’ game. It’s a game that’s not afraid to be the flat-out bizarre duck in a world that includes such strangeness as the Katamari games. It’s a game about manic humor and wild imagination twinged with an underlying feeling of frustration and sadness. The newest and most l...[Read More]

PUBG Disables Item Trading Due to Third Party Abuse

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds offers a variety of personalized items to customize your character and their gear. However, PC players will find it harder to trade these with other players, and PUBG Corp. is citing third-party marketplaces as the reason.

Nintendo Announces Plans for Online Mii Maker

Miitomo, the social networking app that heavily features the titular Mii characters, will be shutting down May 9th. However, Nintendo is not ready to completely phase out these simple yet expressive avatars. There are plans for a browser-based Mii Maker that will be ready by the end of May.

South Korean Overwatch Hackers Sentenced

Watching over Overwatch Earlier this week, fifteen arrests were made on Chinese hackers who created and distributed hacking software for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Today, a similar case in Overwatch has resulted in two South Korean hackers out of thirteen arrests receiving sentencing.

Binding of Isaac Afterbirth + Releases Final ‘Booster Pack’

Gone, but not forgotten Yesterday evening marked the release of the final ‘Booster Pack’ update for The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth +. Officially known as ‘The Forgotten’, this update features plenty of new content and a hidden surprise for the adventurous. WARNING: Potential spoilers for the ending to Binding of Isaac.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Anti-cheating Efforts Lead to Arrests

Bluehole, the developer behind the hit battle royale game Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, has posted a community update on the game’s Steam page giving an update on their attempts to root out hackers and cheaters. This statement announced, among other things, that fifteen arrests have been made with the help of local (Chinese) authorities.

Nintendo Announces New RPG IP Dragalia Lost for Mobile

Nintendo’s First New Mobile IP Nintendo has another mobile game coming down the pipes. This time, however, it will be their first new mobile intellectual property (IP.)