Brian Renadette

Quantic Dream Ditching PlayStation Exclusivity

Quantic Dream, the creator of games like Heavy Rain and Detroit: Beyond Human, have been PlayStation exclusive for the past several years. However, with an investment from Chinese megagiant NetEase, they’re looking to branch out.

Valve Calls Metro Exodus’ Epic Games Store Exclusive Deal ‘Unfair’

Yesterday, Deep Silver and Epic Games announced that the PC version of Metro Exodus will be an Epic Games Store exclusive until 2020. In response, Valve has called the deal “unfair to Steam customers”.

Dragon Ball Z RPG Project Z Receives First Trailer

After last night’s Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tournament ended, we got our first teaser for a new Dragon Ball Z video game. Currently titled Dragon Ball Game – Project Z, the game is set to be an action RPG retelling of the Z saga.

GDC State of the Industry 2019: Steamed Unions

GDC, the annual Game Developers Conference, recently released the 7th State of the Industry survey results. Nearly 4,000 game developers participated and gave their opinions on topics like unions, Steam, and the time they spend working.

Farming Simulator Sows the Seeds of an eSports League

If you thought eSports was only for games that involve shooting and fighting, you’re in for a surprise. Developer Giants Studio has taken its first steps into making the Farming Simulator League a reality.

February 15 Set to be Busy Day for Big Games

February 15 is set to be a big day for gamers, games journalists, and various AAA studios. Four, technically five, big games are slated to release that day: Far Cry: New Dawn, Crackdown 3, Metro Exodus, Jump Force, and Anthem.

Interview Reveals Behind the Scenes Details on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

In an interview over the weekend with Nintendo Dream magazine, Masahiro Sakurai spoke about some interesting details about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The interview reveals some neat details about the characters we got and what could have been.

No, Fortnite is Not Appearing on Soulja Boy’s Consoles

Soulja Boy, if anything, proves that you can’t keep a “good” rapper and legally questionable entrepreneur down. He’s doubling down on his designer bootleg consoles and claims the next one will be able to play Fortnite. Unsurprisingly, Epic Games says that this isn’t true.

Westworld Mobile Closing Its Doors

When Warner Bros. and Bethesda settled the lawsuit filed back in 2018, it seemed like the Westworld mobile game would be allowed to stay. However, it seems the game has been removed from online stores and will shut down in mid-April.

The Division 2 Private Beta Starts Feb. 7

A new trailer for The Division 2 is providing new story details and a date for the private beta. Players will be able to try the game out early from February 7 to February 10.

Ubisoft’s Pioneer Game Cancelled

Pioneer, a space exploration game teased via an Easter egg back in 2016, has been cancelled. The game, which was never officially announced, was quietly cancelled a couple days ago via a tweet.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Faces Lawsuit by Real-life Pinkertons

Rockstar and Take-Two are facing legal issues over open-world cowboy-’em-up Red Dead Redemption 2. The business filing the lawsuit, Pinkerton Consulting and Investigations, is seeking royalty payments over two characters who work for the 19th century version of the company.