Brian Renadette

Stardew Valley Multiplayer Update Goes Live

Stardew Valley, the highly acclaimed farming game from Chucklefish, has released their big multiplayer update for computers. Now up to four friends can hang together on the same farm and enjoy some relaxing farming together.

Wacky Garry’s Mod Game Jazztronauts Released

Garry’s Mod is a giant physics sandbox born from Half-Life 2 is a modder’s paradise full of crazy maps. A new mod for the game, Jazztronauts, allows players to explore these maps and steal anything and everything.

Steam Game Abstractism Pulled for Scamming Marketplace Buyers, Cryptocurrency Mining

Steam pulled a platformer game by the name of Abstractism from the marketplace yesterday after some worrying allegations. Not only has the game been selling fake Team Fortress 2 items, it also supposedly is a cryptocurreny miner.

‘Social Survival Game’ Grimmwood Releases This Thursday

Headup Games will soon be releasing their social survival game Grimmwood onto the Steam marketplace. The game’s release will also coincide with the end of the free open beta period.

Taiko no Tatsujin Returns This November

The Japanese rhythm game series Taiko no Tatsujin will be returning to the West after 14 years. We’ll soon get to play Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum ‘n’ Fun! on the Nintendo Switch and Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum Session! on the PlayStation 4.

The Binding of Isaac Four Souls Kickstarter Closing with $2 Million in Funding

The Kickstarter for The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls will be coming to a close tonight. Since it started, it managed to crush it’s goal of $50,000 and earn a total of $2 million and change in funding!

Rogue Legacy Celebrates 5th Anniversary with Update

The popular 2D indie platformer Rogue Legacy is celebrating its five-year anniversary with a brand new patch. This marks the first new update for Cellar Door Games’ flagship title in about four years.

Codemasters Cheshire Hit by Major Layoffs

Codemasters Cheshire was hit with major layoffs after less-than-stellar sales of the driving game OnRush. These severe layoffs include a big chunk of senior staff, including Paul “Rushy” Rustchynsky, the face of the studio itself.

Nintendo Sues and Shuts Down Two Big ROM Sites

Nintendo has filed a lawsuit against the owner of two large ROM-distributing websites. The damages could lead up to $100 million and an injunction in order to gain control over the domain names.

Clicker Heroes 2 Becomes A Steam Bestseller by Ditching Microtransactions

Late last year, Playsaurus announced that they would be making a sequel to their free-to-play Clicker Heroes. Clicker Heroes 2 has now released on Early Access a few days ago, and it’s already in the middle of Steam’s top 100.

An Upcoming Game About Russian Subway Dogs

Spooky Squid Games, creators of They Bleed Pixels will be releasing their newest game at the start of August. Titled Russian Subway Dogs, the game will have you surviving as one of the titular dogs of the Moscow metro.

Shadow of War Officially Removes Microtransactions

Back in April, Warner Bros. announced that they would remove microtransactions from Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. Yesterday, a major patch was rolled out that made their removal official.