Brian Renadette

Fortnite Season 6 Launches Today; Adds Pets

Fortnite Season 6 kicks off today with another massive update for the newest season. Among other changes, this new season gives the map a spooky Halloween makeover, adds a new power-up that turns players into ghosts, and adds cute pets that ride on your back.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Pulled from Digital Stores

Despite their troubles, Telltale Games released Episode Two of The Walking Dead: The Final Season yesterday. However, those looking to buy the game will find that digital stores no longer allow the game to be purchased.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead Might Still Be Completed

The massive layoffs at Telltale Games has left the future of The Walking Dead: The Final Chapter uncertain. However, a recent tweet suggests that we might be able to see Telltale’s flagship series to its end.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy Coming to PC and Consoles

The first three games in the Phoenix Wright visual novels have been available on Nintendo 3DS and smartphones. However, Capcom recently announced an HD collection of the first three games for the PC and consoles.

Valve to Begin Moderating Steam Forums

Managing a community can be a very difficult task without it devolving into a mass of trolls and bigots. In an upcoming update to Steam, Valve will allow developers to get moderation assistance from Valve’s own moderation team.

Rumor: Elder Scrolls VI to be Subtitled Redfall

Some eagle-eyed trademark observers have noticed something interesting involving the upcoming Elder Scrolls VI. If a trademark filing is to be believed, the sixth main entry in the Elder Scrolls series will be subtitled ‘Redfall’.

Puyo Puyo is Getting an Official eSports Version

Sega’s long-running primarily Japanese puzzle game series Puyo Puyo is getting a special version of the game next month. Titled Puyo Puyo eSports, this version is designed for use in eSports and other competitive events.

Sukeban Games Announces VA-11 HALL-A Sequel, N1RV ANN-A

Sukeban Games is making a sequel to their cyberpunk bartending visual novel VA-11 HALL-A. Titled N1RV ANN-A, the sequel will once again put you in the role of a bartender where you serve patrons and learn more about their lives.

Proposed South Korea Bill Targets Harassment in Online Games

South Korea, the worldwide leader in eSports, is considering a bill that could curtail sexual harassment in online games. Proposed by National Assembly Women’s and Family Committee secretary Kim Sumin, this bill could make online sexual harassment a crime punishable in court.

Game Freak Shows Off a New RPG

Among the many games and news shown during last night’s Nintendo Direct, Game Freak, the developer behind Pokémon, unveiled a trailer for a new RPG. This RPG is tentatively titled Town and it’s currently set to be on the Nintendo Switch.

EA Sports Faces Legal Problems With Belgium Loot Box Laws

A country and a creator of annual soccer/football video games are butting heads in the legal field of battle. Due to a failure to comply with Belgian gambling laws, EA Sports is now the target of a criminal investigation.

Steam Approves First Uncensored Adult Game

Steam is just about ready to allow uncensored adult games with the approval of their first uncensored adult game. If everything goes well, the spicy visual novel Negligee: Love Stories will be the first game to be released uncensored.