Brian Renadette

Fallout 76 Won’t Have Cross-Console Play Due to Sony

In a recent interview, Bethesda director Todd Howard explained why Fallout 76 won’t have cross-platform play. His explanation has once again brought Sony into the spotlight over its dislike of cross-platform play.

Summer Games Done Quick Raises $2.1 Million for Charity

Summer Games Done Quick, the annual week-long speedrunning charity event, has finally come to a close. This year was a big success that brought in $2.1 million, a new record for the event.

Rumor: Google May be Planning to Break Into the Video Game Industry

One of the biggest rumors in gaming currently revolves around tech conglomerate Google. People briefed or informed secondhand by the tech giant report that they’re planning some sort of streaming service and hardware/console.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Drops Lawsuit Against Fortnite

It was previously reported that PUBG Corp, creator of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, was filing a lawsuit against Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite. Now it seems that the two titans of Battle Royale games won’t be going to court after all.

Agony’s Unrated Version Cancelled

Agony, the flagship title from Madmind Studio, is a nasty romp through Hell plagued by poor AI and significant performance issues. Now, it’s facing a variety of problems that will prevent the release of an unrated version of the game.

Isaac Goes Tabletop in Binding of Isaac: Four Souls

Edmund McMillen has been teasing details about a new multiplayer game for the past few days. Titled The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls, the game will be seeing an official announcement later this week.

Bethesda Files Lawsuit Against Warner Bros Over Westworld Mobile Game

Bethesda is filing a lawsuit against Warner Bros. and Behaviour Interactive over a newly-released Westworld mobile game. Bethesda claims that the game is a “blatant rip-off” of their 2015 mobile game Fallout Shelter.

Potential EU Copyright Law Could Hamper Fan Content in Video Games

With a vote of 15 to 10, members of the European Parliament’s Committee on Legal Affairs voted to approve a new, controversial, copyright directive. If made into law, one of the many worrying changes of the European Union Copyright Directive would be requiring companies to monitor user-made content for copyright infringement.

Mojang’s Scrolls Returns as Caller’s Bane

Mojang’s collectible card game Scrolls pulled the plug on their servers earlier this year in February. Mojang hoped to release the game to the public in a way that supported user-run servers, and they’ve done just that. Sporting a new name, Caller’s Bane is now available to the public.

Darkest Dungeon The Color of Madness Releases

The newest expansion for Darkest Dungeon has been unleashed upon the players. The Color of Madness has players exploring a farmstead struck by a comet that has corrupted the land.

Video Game Industry Protests ‘Gaming Disorder’ Classification

Last December, the World Health Organization (WHO) proposed that ‘Gaming Disorder’ be added as an addictive behavior to the ICD-11, the newest version of the International Classification of Diseases. A non-finalized version came out yesterday, and contains a concrete definition of the disorder. Many in the industry, however, are pushing back against the addition.

Steam Adds Limits to Achievements

Last year, Valve enacted limitations on Steam trading cards to keep sketchy developers from destabilizing the user-based trading card economy. Now, they’re applying a similar system to game achievements.