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What Still Remains Review

It’s a question we all ask ourselves when the end of the world comes: What Still Remains? People? Animals? Someone? No one? Monsters? Yeah, we don’t usually think of monsters, but in this particular halting of mankind, monsters in all forms have survived. Who you trust will be who keeps you alive-or kills you. SYNOPSIS Twenty-five years after a viral outbreak decimated the population, the remainin...[Read More]

Nickelodeon Virtual Reality TV Series! [Press Release]

There was a point in time when folks were quite content to be entertained by a voice coming through a radio. Even more unbelievable, you had to wait for the program to air at its specified time. Like, you couldn’t even just turn the radio on and be talked to. Think A Christmas Story, if you will. Like that. Exactly like that. But, as we can see, those times of absurdity are a thing of the past, a ...[Read More]

The Time Traveler’s Wife, Steven Moffat, and HBO: Set Your DVR’s NOW

Then, 2003 gave us Audrey Niffenegger’s first novel, The Time Traveler’s Wife, introducing us to Clare Abshire and Henry DeTamble. We followed their mesmerizing, one-of-a-kind, tangled love story that goes beyond once in a lifetime. They endure a marital issue that requires the ultimate sacrifice and understanding between two people: time travel.

Cartoons of the 80’s: Bring Them Back!

Cartoons in the 80’s were on their own level. And as we get older, and more and more things change, we might find ourselves looking back to our childhood. Something I often find myself doing is comparing the cartoons that kids have these days-and they just can’t compete with the cartoons the kids of the 80’s had. When a conversation among my friends started about our favorite childhood carto...[Read More]



The Forest of the Lost Souls Review

Aokigahara, or The Sea of Trees, is a popular Japanese location for tourists, field trips, and suicide. After a staggering amount of reported suicides, and becoming internationally known as “The Suicide Forest”, Japan has gone to great lengths to step in and prevent these tragedies. Signs along trails urge people to think of their loved ones and families, and have provided contact info...[Read More]

Broad City Meets Jumanji 2: Welcome to the Jungle

Memes and GIFs are a universal form of communication. It doesn’t matter who, what, where, when, why, or how. It will make sense. It will also add some character to whatever point you’re trying to get across. If you don’t believe me, then just keep reading. But first,

Dr. Who: The Best Moments of Amy and Rory Pond

As companions to the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams saw their relationship grow with each adventure they went on. From getting lost in time and space to fighting off alien vampires, Rory and Amy can survive anything as we’ve seen in Dr. Who in all this time.



The Lighthouse Review

Let’s take one relentless storm, two lighthouse keepers, and keep them stranded for four months on a rock island because no one can pass through the freak storm. This sounds like a good plot for a movie, right? Unfortunately, this is a true story, and it doesn’t have a Hollywood ending. Let’s go deeper into 2016’s The Lighthouse.

Titan Comics 2021 Lost Children #1 Review

A dystopian future, four children with superpowers, a division between a city and its country, and psychic abilities are at the center of this exciting, fast-paced comic titled 2021 Lost Children, released on May 30, 2018.

Titan Comics Dark Souls: The Age of Fire #1 Review

Dragon slayers, demons, and dark magic: what else could this describe but the first issue of Dark Souls? Released on May 23, 2018, The Age of Fire is the first of four installments of this ominous, but captivating series.

Avengers: Infinity War vs. The Internet: Memes of Betrayal

Ever since Avengers: Infinity War hit the theaters, the internet has taken over and given us a much-needed gift: memes. Memes Gamora-I mean, galore. If you haven’t seen these memes yet, you might be living under a rock. And if you haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War yet, stop reading, go find a rock to sit under, and re-evaluate your life. Also, spoilers.

Come Along Now, Ponds: Why Amy and Rory Will Always Be the Best Love Story

It’s been eight years since the Eleventh Doctor brought the Ponds into our lives, and it’s been five even longer and depressive years since they left us. So, if you’re missing Amy and Rory as much as I am, here are 6 times they showed us what true love looks like.