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Tangledeep Review

Tangledeep is a 16-bit dungeon crawler made with the intent of exploring old themes and gameplay that have been lost to time. While nostalgia may be a key component in many players’ experience, there are also frustrating details and a lack of story that keep this game from being a truly great experience. Still, Tangledeep is a game with a lot of love put into it, and while it may not be for ...[Read More]

Resident Evil 2: The Ghost Survivors DLC – Out Now

The remake for the beloved fan favorite Resident Evil 2 has been out for a little over three weeks, and Capcom has already released a series of DLC missions titled The Ghost Survivors.



Kingdom Hearts III Review

Kingdom Hearts is the beloved love child of Square Enix and Disney. Since its release back in March of 2013, fans have fallen in love with the blended world of Disney and Final Fantasy characters. While the first and second games were released only two years apart, fans have been waiting on the third entry for thirteen years. Many started the series as children and now get to share that experience...[Read More]



Resident Evil 2 Remake Review

Resident Evil 2 is the highly praised and beloved second entry in the popular Resident Evil survival-horror franchise. Ever since the remake of the original game in 2002, fans have begged for a remake of the second as it is, for many, their favorite Resident Evil game. Now, with the game’s release will it hold up to all the hopes of the fans or will Capcom decide remakes are something that s...[Read More]



Venom: Lethal Protector Review

Venom is regarded as an iconic Marvel villain-turned-hero. He is one of Spider-man’s biggest adversaries as well as one of his biggest mistakes. He rose to fame in 1993 when he got his very own comic series which brought him to the forefront. Unfortunately, with the focus of the Marvel universe being on the Avengers and their cast of characters, we’ve seen a decline in the monstrous sy...[Read More]

Dragon Ball Z RPG Announced

Dragon Ball Z fans rejoice! A new video game based on the beloved anime series was announced, but this time as an RPG!



The Harrowing Review

Horror is, at its core, a genre that entails exploring what we are afraid of. One of people’s biggest fears tends to be that of the unknown. We fear something because we are unfamiliar with it. This tends to be the basis for many horror films, and it’s probably why mental hospitals are the setting in those films. It’s scary to be in an unfamiliar place with strangers, not knowing...[Read More]

Everything You Need To Know About The Resident Evil 2 Remake

With the release of the Resident Evil 2 remake only a little over two weeks away from being released it’s time to get prepared for a return to Racoon City. What’s that you say? You didn’t know there was a remake coming? Don’t worry, my friend, we’ve got you covered!

New Action RPG ‘Pagan Online’ Announced

Pagan Online is an action RPG created by Wargaming and Mad Head Games. Take on the role of an ancient hero in this Diablo styled new title!

‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’ Film Gets Release Date

It’s been quite some time since it was announced that the popular children’s horror book, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, would be getting a movie adaptation. Now, we finally have a date set for when we should expect it to be released!

Disney-Pixar Announce New Film ‘Onward’

Disney and Pixar have announced their latest animated feature titled Onward. It is set to star some big names in Hollywood!

Sword-Punk Sandbox RPG ‘Kenshi’ Finally Released

The single-player sandbox RPG Kenshi has finally been released after a lengthy 12-year development period.