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Back in the golden days of PC gaming, there was a game known as Diablo that won the hearts of many. There were also other games like it such as Baldurs Gate, Torchlight, and Victor Vran. Enter Book of Demons.

Book of Demons is a Hack-and-slash dungeon crawler with a Paper Mario like aesthetic which has you hack through or just blow everything to smithereens as you make your way through dungeons, catacombs and eventually Hell itself to destroy the primordial evils that are killing the people of your old village. Book of Demons is also a game designed with the most casual of players while keeping the attention of veterans by having roguelike elements. Book of Demons is the perfect game for anyone who wanted to get into the Dungeon Crawling or Roguelike Genres.


You take the role of a young adventurer who has returned to town after hearing about the demon hordes and to find that the Gates of Hell are open under the old cathedral. Due to this situation, horrors have been unleashed and they plague the town as well as the nearby lands.

You are welcomed by a longtime friend: the Barmaid and the town Sage who both give you story and severity of the demon situation. You then take up arms to head on your quest to take vengeance on the Arch Demon who has slain so many people already.


The Book of Demons gameplay is fairly simple and straightforward. Upon first look, it seems that you are controlling your character on a preset rail like paths in the dungeon using your keyboard or mouse. Once an enemy is spotted you click to attack. If you happen to go AFK and forget to pause the game, the hero will auto attack anything that comes near him but at a slower pace.

The second element of gameplay is extremely crucial and is highly important. This is your deck of cards. Depending on how you set the cards on your Hero will determine how hard the game will be for you. Sure you can level up and get stronger that way; however, the cards hold more power than the Blue Eyes White Dragon in Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Card Types

There are three types of cards:

  • Green Cards which act as your artifacts and give you consistent effects but also turn your blue mana into green mana.
  • Red Cards which are your items and use charges to restore health or use bombs and such.
  • Blue Cards which allow you to use blue mana to use healing or damaging spells.

The player has to treat the deck like Magic the Gathering cards and make sure its a solid balance of the three. Having too many of one and not the other types can either leave you having defense and no damage, high damage and no defense or high resistance and neither of the other two. Items need time to recharge as well so too many of those are bad. Cards can also be upgraded to do other things like deflect missiles or heal per time tick.

The other method of leveling is the Barmaids Cauldron. It is fairly simple as it gives you a choice between improving your max health or mana, However, should you choose to improve the amount of mana you can use, one point of maximum health will be added to The Cauldron, along with ingredients you will find throughout the dungeons. The more points and or ingredients in the Cauldron the bigger your reward, but if you die in the dungeon you will lose everything. Be sure to only use the Cauldron once in a while because if you use it too much you will not be able to pay to use it.

Don’t worry too much if you die in a dungeon. You can go back to the village and go back to the point you died. Also when you kill the Evil of that level you can simply warp to that boss to fight it again if you wish. Dying on the first few levels is pretty hard, but the difficulty will spike up the further you go.

Graphics and Sound

When I first looked at this world made by Return2Games I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. But after looking closer I saw that all characters, buildings, and monsters in Book Of Demons are made entirely with folded paper. This is the first time I have seen this method used and it was interesting and made me feel like I was actually reading a pop-up book that I controlled.

There were nice little details added into the game to make it feel more adventure like as you played it, Like the shadows of the torches, the design of the monsters, the gold footprints being left behind, and how different effects like fire, ice and poison affected the paper of that area.

The voice acting, in my opinion, was decent and the storytelling from the voices kept you interested. The music fit each stage well and kept you engaged. However, the sounds between the monsters and spells felt a bit underwhelming for me.

Final Verdict

Book of Demons is a fun game that keeps you in mind as the player and the Hero. It is also a perfect game for people who want to start getting into adventure or RPG games. Book Of Demons can be played many times due to the differences between the classes that can be chosen, the many difficulties offered, and the infinite play option. Overall this is an awesome adventure in an indie package.


  • Intriguing graphics
  • Good story
  • Great card system


  • Certain sounds
  • Preset paths


Story - 7
Gameplay - 7
Graphics & Soundtrack - 8
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