War Breaks Out in First The Punisher Season 2 Trailer

While it isn’t the mind games that fans had to deal with from season 1, Marvel and Netflix have been holding nearly all footage from season 2 of The Punisher, and now, a week from the show’s sophomore season, fans finally have an official trailer.

The Punisher Punishes in New Season 2 Teaser; Release Date Confirmed

Great News for fans of the Punisher: Marvel isn’t playing mind games with the release date this season, and in one of the first teasers for the highly anticipated season, Marvel confirmed that the date of January 18 will be when Frank Castle sets off on his next spree of justice!

The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Stan Lee Dies at 95

The world lost a legend today.

Marvel Battle Lines [Press Release]

In the early 2000’s, Marvel was merely a comic juggernaut. in 2008, they became one of the biggest movie studios in the world. One thing that has remained constant is Marvel’s constant presence in the world of video games. Be it with their widely popular Marvel Vs Capcom series, any number of Spider-Man games, or their more recent foray into mobile gaming with Contest of Champions, Str...[Read More]

Aquaman: Atlantis Rises in Second Trailer for DC’s next Film

The King of Atlantis returns in the second trailer for Aquaman – in theaters December 21.

‘Birds of Prey’ Cast Released

DC Films’ upcoming all-female superhero flick, Birds of Prey, is receiving some pretty good casting.

Dark Phoenix: First Trailer Finally Arrives

The first trailer for FOX’s potential last X-Men film, Dark Phoenix is finally here and you can check it out above.

Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen to star in MCU TV Spin-offs with Disney

A Disney-Marvel-TV-spin-off? Upon reading these words, I had several feelings to work through. Let me save you a panic attack and a few Xanax and assure you that this news won’t disappoint like a certain MCU movie did (yeah, I went there).

Dark Souls Year 1 Omnibus: Legends of the Flame #1-13 Review

In this fulfilling, thrilling 13-part epic, the writers of Dark Souls Year 1 Omnibus: Legends of the Flame give fans of the game something familiar in the form of short stories, while also giving those new to the Dark Souls series an enticing and tempting first look.

Venom’s Got a New Power in Marvel’s Venom #5

Coming soon to a comic store near you, Marvel’s Venom #5 is about to hit the shelves.  But don’t expect the usual symbiote powers in this issue.  Eddie Brock and his alien friend have a new trick up their sleeves:  the power of flight.

Dark Souls Year 1: Omnibus, The Breath of Andolus #1-4

Set in a land where abandoned survivors, dragons, monsters, traitors, and the dead fight to claim what little is left of the world, the fate of what could be is in the hands of one heroine. Plagued with a curse that distorts her memories, Fira must trust her instincts if she wants to save her land-and stay alive. Based on the best-selling PC and console games, Dark Souls Year 1: Omnibus, The Breat...[Read More]

Magic: The Gathering is Making a Return to Comic Books

It has been a long time since fans and players have seen a comic book about the vast worlds and characters from Magic: The Gathering. Get ready to see them again!

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