Potential New BioShock Game In The Works [RUMOR]

A new rumor going around is that 2K Games is planing a new BioShock addition to their franchise, and using a new studio of theirs to make this dream come true. While there’s no substantial evidence proving this claim, it’s interesting to look at what we know, and what could happen.

Fortnite Apologizes With a Giveaway

After a series of issues that caused games servers for Fortnite to shut down last Thursday, Epic Games are apologizing with in-game items to make up for it. Check them out here!

Xbox Classics Coming To The One

Microsoft has just announced their plans to add over 15 more Xbox games to their backwards compatibility plan for the Xbox One this month.

Radical Heights Fail To Intimidate Fortnite

With games like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds becoming interestingly popular, it’s no surprise that other games are trying to recreate the same experience. One particular follower of this trend has gotten some attention for its shortcomings.

Destiny 2 Reveals Upcoming Season Three Expansion!

Bungie has just announced that Destiny 2 will be launching the new season three expansion Warmind next month, tentatively on May 8th. This was shown a few hours ago via their development roadmap so everyone can mark their dates!

Stardew Valley’s Multiplayer May Be Closer Than We Thought

Everyone has loved Stardew Valley for the relaxing farming and ranching experience that Farmville could never give us. Finally, we have some updated word on the multiplayer, and ConcernedApe has announced it may be closer than we had originally anticipated.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date? [RUMOR]

On retailer Target’s website, a page for Kingdom Hearts 3 had listed the game would be coming out this November. While this isn’t yet confirmed by Square Enix, it would certainly be an interesting release right before the holiday hype.

Spotify Giving Playstation Plus Members Discounts

For Playstation Plus subscribers who are interested in music, this just might be the deal for you. Spotify will be giving PlayStation Plus members a lovely discount on the subscription. See the details here!

Ninja Theory is Pledging a Charity Donation for Xbox’s Hellblade Sales

Ninja Theory who made their mark on creating Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, is pledging a large donation to charity based off their Xbox One sales. See their promise here on how they hope to combat mental health!

Tickets For BlizzCon Will Be Available Soon

Blizzard has announced that tickets for their upcoming BlizzCon will be available soon for purchase. Tickets for the event will start selling on May 9th at 7pm and on May 12th at 12th for the going price of $199.00. See some of the details here on what come’s along with the tickets!

Familiar Voices Returning For New Harry Potter Game

The upcoming Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery for mobile platform will be feature some familiar voices from the movie series. Check out here what’s in store for this special mobile game!

Spyro May Be Coming To The Switch (Rumor)

With the recent reveal of Activision’s Spyro Reignited Trilogy coming to both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, a recent error on the Nintendo UK website hints that the trilogy might be coming out on the Nintendo Switch! See the details here.