Lifechanger Review

Lifechanger follows a murderous shapeshifter who sets out on a blood-soaked mission to make things right with the woman he loves.


Despite constant frustration from start to finish, Lifechanger delivers in the thriller/horror genre. The movie follows Drew, a shapeshifter with the complex issue of being a serial killer out of necessity. Needing a new body to inhabit almost every day, Drew is a master at killing to keep living. Like he tells us:

[…]Survival becomes just another job – it’s repetitive and necessary.

We never know who Drew really is, other than an older male by the sound of his voice narrating the movie. The fast pace never slows down enough to answer the endless questions. You’re thrown right into the midst of the story with little explanation that’s given on a need-to-know-basis. And as soon as you think you’ve got something figured out, NOPE.

One of the biggest frustrations is not knowing Drew’s real identity, though fortunately this is eventually revealed. But when we first meet him, he’s just inhabited the body of a woman he’s killed. And each time Drew takes an identity, he also takes the person’s memories, hopes, and dreams. Watching the ease in which Drew carelessly interacts with the family members, essentially ruining countless lives outside of the murders, it’s hard to make a personal connection with him.


Julia might be the only person in the entire movie who allows us to see Drew as an actual human, though this doesn’t last long. And it’s not because we learn about his past, because this gives us the tiniest clarification of Drew. It’s because Drew begins to go through these stolen bodies like a woman trying on bathing suits. He also starts to feel the feel the injuries inflicted on these bodies, resulting in much more frequent killings.

When I first started this movie, my first thought was that Drew was unlikely to ever get caught for all his killings. How would they ever track him down when he’s in a new body before the previous one has a chance to be discovered? And with the frequency in which he begins to require new bodies, he’s shapeshifting at a pace only Olympic runners can keep up with. Of course, this question was immediately replaced by 2546027385 other questions that came with -48535 answers.


While the plot, story-line, and characters fail to satisfy with their lack of closure, you won’t be disappointed with Lifechanger‘s cinematography. Seamless special effects give the gory parts a believable feel. Like, it doesn’t look like obvious special effects. You start to question if the new Drew is really sawing off the person’s limbs, because the struggle is real.


Again, with the plethora of underscore provided, you’d think it would be overboard, but it’s eerily perfect. Watching someone get sliced in the throat and bleed out is uncomfortable on its own. The creepy music adds just enough to make you cringe.

You can check the soundtrack here.


Uh, hello? If you haven’t figured out by now why Lifechanger is a suspenseful thriller, you likely shouldn’t watch it. Or actually, you might be the perfect viewer because you’ll never see what’s coming.

Final Verdict

So does Drew eventually see the end, whether it’s his own death or being caught? Is Drew still out there hoarding bodies? What becomes of Julia and her much-too-trusting ways?

I guess you’ll have to watch, and wait ’til the end


  • Fast paced and suspenseful scenes
  • Plenty of unsettling gore
  • Thrills to keep you on the edge of your seat


  • Confusing and hard to follow at times
  • Gaps and holes in plotline
  • Movie pace takes away focus from solid subplots


Story - 7
Characters - 6
Cinematography - 8
Soundtrack - 8
Horror/Thriller - 10
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