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Daniel Godfrey has published another amazing book through Titan Books. This new Sci-Fi novel titled The Synapse Sequence, takes us into a future London that is being watched over by AIs and server bots. While this may seem like a great future, a war is going on and Anna Glover is most wanted in a world where the media is being manipulated.

Without spoiling the entire plot for Godrey’s new novel, understand that he is taking us into a world that is fully possible. Media manipulation is an interesting topic in today’s world, and it’s very frightening, especially when the city is run by AIs and bots who only care about “the bottom line”.

Main Plot with Anna Glover

Anna Glover is a character that has to make some very difficult choices in her life, and is the most hated woman in London. While she hides from the public, she goes about investigating cases using a ‘mind-invading’ tech of the synapse sequencer to fully see the witnesses’ memories. This tactic seems the most interesting as she’s a PI and gets her information from using the synapse sequencer.


As with other books by Godfrey, he has a fantastic way of having the characters talk back and forth, while linking together the descriptive environment in which they are also doing actions. His writing is fantastic, and the dialogue makes the book all the more interesting with the science fiction qualities and explanations.

Godfrey’s Other Works

Like with Godfrey’s other books New Pompeii (2016) and Empire of Time: New Pompeii 2 (2017), there is a huge reveal to the reader as they discover plot details throughout the book.

Personally I love this book. Anything sci-fi futuristic is exactly the kind of book I’m looking to read. Taking into consideration the AI and bots, this makes it even more interesting because the media manipulation and need to protect oneself is fully understandable. Even the thought of having a mind-invading technology is both thrilling and terrifying.

You can personally grab a copy of The Synapse Sequence directly from Titan Books, alongside his other novels New Pompeii and Empire of Time. We highly recommend all three if you love sci-fi!


  • Great Futuristic London
  • Good Implementation of Mind-Invading Technology


  • Would Have Liked More Explanation on Synapse Sequencer


Story - 10
Characters - 8.7
Length of Book - 8
Futuristic Qualities - 10
Sci-Fi Qualities - 8.9
Dialogue - 9.4
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