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Wandersong is this new 2D game created by Greg Lobanov and published directly by Humble Bundle. Though it officially started as Kickstarter, it’s become extremely popular and I’m so into it!

When diving into this game I was honestly interested in how goofy and magical it was; and boy did it not disappoint! If you ever want to go on an adventure that was full of interestingly quirky and unique individuals then this is the perfect game for you. Wandersong is full of exploration in the Acts, and characters that you ultimately get attached to.

The Gameplay

I was lucky enough to receive a review code for the PC via Steam, and the game has very premise and controls. The entire story of the game is for the little Bard (Lil B from now on) to save the world from it’s inevitable destruction by the goddess Eya. It’s considered the natural order of things, but the Rainbow Girl shows up in Lil B’s dreams and is astonished by his abilities and decides that he should be the ‘Hero’ who saves the world by singing the Earthsong. Now this is not an easy feat, the Earthsong is known by Overseer, The Dream King, but that stingy cat refuses to tell him, so Lil B must go on an adventure to see the other six Overseers and gain pieces of the song. Hence, we’re going on an adventure!

The controls have the normal WASD or arrow keys will move the Lil B, and the space is jump, Q or SHIFT is continue chatting, and the singing can happen with either the numbers 1 – 9 or using the mouse. Noting this, singing is essential for the Lil B to be successful in his mission to save the world and obtain the Earthsong.

Rainbow Girl and Lil B

Wandersong is full of amazing puzzles that require you to think about your surroundings, the environment, and interacting with the unique individuals who inhabit this world. From moving plants, amoeba looking goop, having birds fly with you, and other sorts of shenanigans are the kinds of puzzles that can be expected in the game, and are honestly delightfully challenging.

The game is fairly straight-forward on where you need to go next in your quest, and talking to the NPCs and other characters is very useful in understanding the turmoil they’re all in from different regions of the world.

The Characters

Along the way throughout the Lil B’s journey, he teams up with a witch named Miriam, and they develop an unlikely friendship. Some very heartfelt incidences take place between these two, as Miriam expresses her desire to be a successful witch and express her emotions and make friends, as Lil B naturally is successful with his music, and is always making friends everywhere they go.

Other characters include the Captain Lucas and his coffee-loving pirate crew, with his lust for the pretty mermaids he saw many years ago, to Manny the musician that we start a band with in Delphi! The creativity behind the characters flourishes with each unique destination.

The Hero(s)?

Minor spoilers ahead relating to the plot!

Multiple Heros? BUGS?

As the story progresses, it’s revealed that the Rainbow Girl who speaks for Eya also chose another Hero named Audrey to take on the opposite mission of Lil B. Instead of saving the world with the Earthsong (which Rainbow Girl admits never worked before), Audrey is sent to kill the Overseers to progress the destruction before people suffer. Audrey herself has a huge character development throughout the game from what I would consider a jerk, to almost a friend of Lil B.

The two of them get stuck under rubble after a fight, and Audrey admits that being the Hero means the most to her because it basically defines her. Before she received the lightning sword and became the Hero she was a nobody, and felt like she made no contribution to the world. Being the adorable Lil B, he explains that she’s herself without the Hero title, and that the title doesn’t change her.

Another amazing thing about Wandersong is the connection between Lil B and his world. He refuses to step on bugs. If you step on one he freaks out and jumps backwards. Because of this they find him as a friend and help him through puzzles.

The Actual Ending

Lil B tries his best to get the entire Earthsong, and returns to The Dream King only to find out that Audrey kills him and nearly destroys the world before he can get it. Feeling a bit down, Lil B sings his song, not the Earthsong, and was able to persuade Eya to save their world. His song speaks for the people he has met along the way, and in a way he represents the world they live in. Earthsong may have never worked in the past, but Lil B is a determined little Bard.

Now that the game is ‘completed’ the new Scene Select option opens up in the menu, so you can re-play different acts, and find extra secrets within the game.

Final Scene with Overseers

One thing I was very emotional about in the ending of the game was the final scene with the Overseer Sprites. Now that the Overseers are dead, the Sprites take up the role of Overseer in an amazing cut-scene for each one.

(I did get it confirmed by Greg/devs that they are the new Overseers. Que the crying.)

That Big Easter Egg - Clue But No Tell!

There’s a HUGE Easter Egg in Wandersong, and it occurs after you finish the game. I won’t spoil the contents of the Easter Egg here, but know that it involves Act 1, the bird, a special cat, and constellations.

If you are truly unable to figure it out, view this Twitter post!

The Little Details

With every game the little details are truly what make it unique and special. Well, in Wandersong the unique details pertain to the dances that Lil B can find around the world, the hilarious and silly moments experienced in the game (such as the bearded mermaid, Captain Lucas’ reaction to being rejected, etc.), and the Lil B’s reactions to the world around him. The emotions expressed in the cute paper-like character are phenomenal and you can’t help but feel them with him. Not to mention the audio was spot-on with the environment, character footsteps, and soundtrack for the different Overseers.

There’s also a great dancing video that can be viewed below!

Final Verdict

Wandersong was a fantastic experience, and I guarantee I’ll be playing it again and trying to find all the secret dances and any other content that is available. The world and characters created are beautiful and perfect; I couldn’t ask for a better game with a fulfilling experience. Who knew fighting monsters and solving problems with singing could be so satisfying?

Wandersong is currently available on both the PC via Steam and on the Nintendo Switch! While my copy was on the PC, I can guarantee this game would be great on the Switch and I plan on getting my own copy as soon as possible.


  • Beautiful Soundtrack
  • Gorgeous Paper-Like Graphics
  • Engulfing Story
  • Emotional Connection to Audience
  • Character Growth and Development


  • One Bug/Glitch with Audrey
  • Some Puzzles Hard to Complete Due to Timing (But Ultimately Can Be Done)
  • Slight Difficulty Using Mouse for Singing


Story - 10
Characters/Development - 10
Gameplay Mechanics - 9
Puzzles - 9.5
Soundtrack - 10
Graphics - 10
Cut-Scenes - 9.5
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