Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Coming to Disney Channel

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Coming to Disney Channel

Disney Channel has announced that they will be adapting the popular comic series Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur into an animated series. For the those unfamiliar series, the story focuses on young girl who teams of with a giant dinosaur and uses here brain to save the day. The adaption is coming from Cinema Gypsy Production and Marvel Animation. Executive producers Laurence Fishburne and Helen Sugland will be leading the project.


While the series has yet to be green-lighted by Disney, the series seem like a ideal choice for their demographic. We will have to wait and see if the company will be interested in using some of the lesser known characters for material since they have access to all the marvel brands.Hopeful this animated series goes through and draws in new fan to the story.

In other marvel related news, the recent Black Panther movie has become a smash hit. Becoming one of the strongest opening weekends in the marvel movie series and making far more money than predicted by the studios.

Original Source- Spoiler TV

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