Dare to Walk Gets a Blizzard Response

Dare to Walk Gets a Blizzard Response

With the massive success of the Blizzard’s first-person shooter Overwatch, it’s only natural to assume that they suggestions by their fans for ideas to put into their game. At their most recent Overwatch League event however,a fan took a much more direct approach. Instead of writing an email or post online, this unnamed fan chose to make his own picket sign and held it up during the event.

The request, “Let Zen Walk”.

For a quick explanation, Zen is a monk styled robot that moves around by float along the ground. Now most companies might pass this off as a joke, but Blizzard is not most companies. So now we have this.

Wow, OK then. That video was posted on the Overwatch official twitter feed, so it appears Blizzard felt the need to expand upon that idea. Still even as a joke, it shows that the people at Blizzard has a sense of humor and are listening to their fans. It’s refreshing to see a game company not take itself too serious in regards to their work.

So to the man who made that sign, I hope you are happy.

Source – Polygon

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