Arkane Studios Hints at Another Prey Expansion

Arkane Studios Hints at Another Prey Expansion

A year after the release of their remake of the classic game Prey, Arkane Studios has begun hinting at possible expansion for the game. Check out their hint here!

On the official twitter, the developers tweeted out a short GIF with the line, “Do we really know what’s out there?”  The GIF itself is a shows an image of the moon. In Prey, there were several documents describing a lunar colony on the moon which supports the idea of a expansion to the game.

Only time will tell what this tweet means. Speaking as a fan of the game, I really do hope that this turns out to be an expansion level or even a sequel to game. Even though it strayed from 2006 version, It was fun Sci-Fi horror game that was styled after Bioshock, but still had enough original ideas to make itself unique. I would definitely recommend checking the game out if you are interested in stuff like the Aliens films or Dead Space. Its available on Steam and downloadable for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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