Fortnite Restricts Cross-Platform Play Between Xbox and PlayStation

Fortnite Restricts Cross-Platform Play Between Xbox and PlayStation

In an effort to expand the potential audience, Epic Games has announced that their new hit game Fortnite will allow different console users to play against each other. This unfortunately won’t be working between the two largest consoles in the world, Xbox and PlayStation.Xbox and PlayStation players will not be able to connect with each other, but still be able to play against PC, Mac and mobile devices. The reason for this restriction has remained unclear, as Epic has released a statement explaining their desire to allow cross-platform play between all consoles.

“Contrary to what may have been implied, Microsoft has long been a leading voice in supporting cross-platform play, connecting players across PC, mobile and all consoles.”We’ve been working together with them over the last several months to make this possible, and will bring this functionality to Fortnite players on Xbox right along with other platforms.

-Epic Games

Many have speculated that this restrictive cross-play is due to Sony’s hesitation to cooperate with it’s competitors. This can be seen in cases such as with Ark: Survival Evolved and Rocket League, where Sony had also refused to provide cross-platform play. It is a shame as Epic Games seems very enthusiastic to the idea of allowing all consoles to play with each other.

We’ll keep you posted if new information regarding Fortnite’s cross-platform integration comes to light.


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