New Chucklefish Wizard Game called ‘Witchbrook’

New Chucklefish Wizard Game called ‘Witchbrook’

Chucklefish, you probably know from Stardew Valley and Starbound have just released the official title for their upcoming wizardry school game called Witchbrook. This comes after many hints of the game, and it originally being titled Spellbound.

CEO of Chucklefish announced on Twitter today that the game will be called Witchbrook, and gave out a lovely image of the wizardry school in action.

There haven’t been many details regarding this new game, only that it is an RPG that will be centered around a magical school where you take classes and do studies. Chucklefish has been keeping the whole project under wraps aside from releasing the name and some images along the way.

We’ll keep you posted as new details arise for Witchbrook. If it’s anything like Stardew Valley it’ll be spectacular.

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