Hop Aboard The Sea Of Thieves Trailer

Hop Aboard The Sea Of Thieves Trailer

Legendary game company Rare has released a trailer for their next upcoming game, Sea of Thieves. Watch the trailer here and feel the motion of the ocean.

Players will be able to explore the high seas with friends in this pirate’s journey.  The game offers a variety of exotic locations to travel to, ranging from small towns to deserted islands with plenty of goodies to find. However those goodies might be guarded by the spirits of fallen pirates who’s greed has gone unsatisfied. The un-dead aren’t they only thing you should be worried about, as other players may try to raid your ship as you travel along the ocean blue.

Sea of Thieves is set to dock on March 20th on port Xbox One and PC. Yargh should stay put for more information on the SS GeekiSphere.

Source – Comingsoon

(I am deeply sorry for the pirate lingo, I haven’t had my coffee today, and well it was too good.)

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