Spring Release List For PlayStation VR Games

Spring Release List For PlayStation VR Games

Sony has announced their spring line up for the Playstation VR. Although there are some variables that might alter the release schedule, PlayStation has pointed out the standout titles for it’s list.

Ark Park, An action game based off of ARK: Survival Evolved 

Crisis of the Planet of the Ape, based off the Planets of the Apes

Rick and Morty:Virtual Rick-ality, No explanation needed.

Smash Hit Plunder, You play a young wizard who explores an old castles to find the treasures hidden within.

Tom, explore an abandon house full of tricks to discover the truth behind a decade old missing person case.

Xing: The Land Beyond,  you are in the afterlife and must explore a mysterious island to find answers.

The full official list for the PlayStation VR Spring games can be found here. Are there any that you’re looking forward to?

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