Amazon May Pay A Great Price For The One Ring

Amazon May Pay A Great Price For The One Ring

With Amazon trying to add more programs to it’s streaming service line-up, they might end paying a huge cost for one of them. Their upcoming Lord Of the Rings adaptation could cost the company millions to produce.

Last year Amazon announced one of the most ambitious project for their service, a faithful adaption of J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy epic Lord Of The Rings. However, a recent estimate has revealed that this new series could cost Amazon around $500 million for the first two seasons, most of which comes from buying the rights to the series. As a point of reference, the original Lord Of The Rings trilogy by Peter Jackson costed around $675 million and turned a profit of around $3 billion.

While expensive, the movies do provide an example of much of a profit this franchise can make if done well. Hopefully  Amazon will be able to do the series justice in this new prequel series and please the fans of the source materials.

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