Myst Coming Back Later This Year

Myst Coming Back Later This Year

Myst, one of the most historically significant games to ever be made, is being updated and re-released later this year for its 25th anniversary. Check out all the details here from Cyan!

Developer Cyan Worlds has announced that after dealing with years of dealing with copyright, has finally gained the rights to publish this new version of Myst. The company explained that due their status as an indie developer, they have been unable to get the funds need to published until now.

Along with this, Cyan has plans to release a physical collectors edition container all their games. Those who are interested in video gaming history should definitely check this out when it’s released. As someone who had never played the original Myst, I am interested to play this updated version just to see the contrast between older styles of game and the more modern philosophy of game design. Those interested with this blast from the past should stay tune to Geekisphere for more info.

In other news, Cyan Worlds is also developing a new VR game called Firmament. no official release date has been given, but they have released a teaser trailer on its official website. Those interested can check it out in the link here.

Source- Game Informer

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