A Change In Far Cry 5’s Mircotransaction System

A Change In Far Cry 5’s Mircotransaction System

In contrast to early statements about the game, Far Cry 5 will include microtransactions for items besides cosmetics. This comes after Star Wars Battlefront II decides to include microtransactions for cosmetics only!

This new information came right after a new trailer for the game was revealed. These new microtransactions were described as a time-saving mechanic, allowing players to speed up their in-game progress. While no more details were given on the subject, there is speculation that this microtransactions system will not contain loot boxes. While this comes as no surprise due to the prevalence of micro payments in recent years, this it is worrying how suddenly this information came out with its release date so close.

In my opinion, while I do feel microtransactions are acceptable for free to play games and cosmetic items, having them in a full priced game is rather manipulative towards people who just want to play the game. By artificially slowing down game progress to encourage players to buy these items, it breeds ill will towards the company itself. In an ideal world, a company would make a profit by selling a product that is enjoyable for everyone and us that goodwill to sell future products of equal quality as the first.

Regardless of whether this game will be well received, the fact that it is banking on microtransactions so suddenly does make my wonder where this decision came from.

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