Brigitte Now Playable in Overwatch!

Brigitte Now Playable in Overwatch!

As was promised by Blizzard, Brigitte is now a playable character in the public Overwatch servers, and is no longer exclusive on the PTR. Get your game on in Overwatch, and check out what this support and defensive character can do.

Brigitte has a huge backstory in the game, as the daughter of Torbjön alongside having Reinhardt as her god-father. This means that her character is based off of both the amazing characters, with her shield from Rein and her armor packs from Torb. We can expect some fantastic gameplay with Brigitte, as she heals her fellow teammates, stuns enemies, and rallies them together.

We’ll keep you posted on any new Overwatch news that comes out. For now, get on and enjoy playing Brigitte Lindholm!

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