Ubisoft Avoids Takeover

Ubisoft Avoids Takeover

Ubisoft has announced that they have stopped the corporate takeover by multimedia company Vivendi. This is some very big news in the video game industry that could have changed how Ubisoft had performed as a company, and if we would have ever gotten a new Assassin’s Creed! See all the details in the business venture here.

After investing 750 million Euros over the last few years, Vivendi pulled out of the company with a 2 billion Euro profit. Ubisoft also plans to buy AMC shares UK from their various investors. As to where they are going to get financial support, Ubisoft will be sponsored by Chinese investment company Tencent.

The company makes its money through investments in internet products, so with Ubisoft various online shooter like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, it seems like an ideal team-up.

We will have to see how Ubisoft will progress with their new investor and how it impact the quality of their games.

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Source – Venturebeat

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