The Horror Continues In Dead By Daylight

The Horror Continues In Dead By Daylight

After buying back the rights from their publisher Starbreeze, Behavior Interactive is planning a big content update for Dead By Daylight. 

To celebrate the game’s three-year anniversary, the developers have revealed their plans to add new maps, new survivors and new killers over the course of 2018. Along with this, a new progression system will be added to the game allowing players to unlock characters by playing the game. Not much is know about the details to these new additions, but Behavior Interactive has released a chart showing the content release schedule.

Speaking as fan of the game, this recent news has got me really excited. I only started playing a few weeks ago, but I found it to be fun and unique experience. The two styles of play, killer and survivor, feels like to completely different games. If you are a fan of competitive or cooperative multiplayer games, I would definitely check this game out.

Source – Hardcoregamer

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