‘Borderlands 3’ Reveal Coming at E3 (RUMOR)

‘Borderlands 3’ Reveal Coming at E3 (RUMOR)

It has been rumored with evidence on Reddit that Gearbox’s Borderlands 3 will be revealed at this year’s E3 convention. While the company hasn’t released a statement on the matter yet, there’s some proof that could make the rumor true! See it all here.

Reddit user ShineRise1 posted both an image and a short video on the forum site showing a possible trailer leak for Borderlands 3 along with an image showing a potential reveal date of June 10th and release of September 2018. You can see both the photo and the leaked trailer below.

While this doesn’t confirm the rumor and Gearbox hasn’t said a word about it, the original Reddit post has been removed but can be located through Google Cache. For convenience sake we have quoted the text here as well.

The darkest game in the saga. Same style of graphics as the previous games. The man in the image is the antagonist of the game. The first seconds of the reveal trailer of June 10. In the game we will visit other planets. PC, PS4, XONE & Switch. Reveal: June 10. Release date: September 2018. Sigleplayer, Co-op, Multiplayer and Survival. There will be a season pass with 3 expansions without an announced date. Main Story 25-30 hours.

We’ll keep you posted here at GeekiSphere on any new developments for Borderlands 3 along with coverage for E3.

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