Game Developers Talks About Forming A Union

Game Developers Talks About Forming A Union

With designing games becoming more difficult to make with the improvement of technology, efforts are being made to create a game developer’s union. At the recent Game Developers Conference (GDC) at San Francisco, an event hosted by the International Fame Developers Association (IDGA), became a heated debate between various developers. During the conference the president of the IDGA Jen MacLean, did a presentation that while trying to remain neutral, actively discouraged the forming of a developer union. This led to many game developers raising their voices about the issue going so far as to call the IDGA anti-union.

There has been several accounts detailing the harsh working conditions in the game industry, some described having to work 100 hour work weeks just to complete major deadlines. Along with this, there is the problems of developers being punished for speaking out. While this conference did not accomplish much, it does raise awareness of the issue.

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Source-  theverge

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