Blizzard Welcomes Overwatch 2018 World Cup!

Blizzard Welcomes Overwatch 2018 World Cup!

Blizzard has just announced the return of the Overwatch World Cup for 2018, along with how people can qualify for their country’s team! See the game schedule here, and what type of tier you need to be in for qualifying rounds.

The Overwatch World Cup for 2018 will take place in November 2018 in Southern California. That being said, there are certain qualifications that players must accomplish to join the event:

    • Qualifying – From today March 27th through the end of competitive Season 9 (April 28th), Blizzard will keep track of player’s SR for the country’s top 150 players. Each country’s progress can be found here on the Overwatch World Cup Website. Top 20 countries will compete!
    • Committees – Blizzard is changing how the National Competition Committees will be formed. Each one will be compromised of a GM, a coach, and a community lead. Members will be compensated for their time and effort, along with travel and accommodations required to support their teams during the Group Stages and Finals. These committees will be built via the following process, across Phase 1 (May 1–14) and Phase 2 (May 17–29).
    • GM – These GMs will be selected by Blizzard. Though applications will be selected, Blizzard will be looking at each country for the perfect candidate.
    • Coach
      • Phase 1: Any player with an account in good standing may apply for their national team’s coach position. Candidates will be provided with a custom URL to share, which will allow the top 150 players (by SR) from the candidate’s country of residence to endorse one candidate.
      • Phase 2: We reveal the top three candidates per country, and hold a second, runoff vote, again among the top 150 players. Each player may vote once.
    • Community Lead
      • Phase 1: This will follow the same process as coach selection, but voting is open to the country’s entire player base. Players may vote for multiple community leads.
      • Phase 2: We reveal each country’s top 10 candidates, and players cast one final vote.
    • Players – Committees will hold tryouts from June 1 through July 5. Players—including Overwatch League members!—can compete for a spot on the team of their country of citizenship. Committees will submit rosters, which may contain up to 12 players, from June 15 through July 5.* Blizzard will work with the players and committees to identify seven players from each roster who will travel to applicable live events.

While this is an overview of how the Overwatch World Cup for 2018 will work, you can find more information here on the Overwatch official announcement.

To everyone trying out good luck! We’ll be watching you and keeping everyone update here at GeekiSphere.

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