Krypton May Show The World Of Hawkman

Krypton May Show The World Of Hawkman

The new Syfy channel original show Krypton has just aired last week and new detail on where the show is going has already been revealed. Show producer Cameron Welsh has confirmed that the show will explore other places than the titular planet.

With this new information and the fact that Hawkgirl will be making an appearance, fans have began to theorize that the show will explore the planet Thanagar, the home of Hawkman.

The show follows Seg-El, grandfather of Super, 200 years before the hero was born. He learns about a time traveling conspiracy to prevent the birth of his grandson. With this knowledge, Seg-El fights to stop this plan and restore his family’s honor in the process. Krypton airs on Wednesdays, 10 pm on the Syfy channel.

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Source – Screenrant

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