Overwatch Brings Back Uprising in April

Overwatch Brings Back Uprising in April

Blizzard has just announced in a Tweet that they will be bringing back the Overwatch wide Uprising event that happened last summer. This year we’ll see the event take place in April and possibly bring some changes. Check it out here!

The Overwatch event Uprising brings not only new skins and emotes, but also a new Uprising game mode that brings together four players as they battle against invading Omnic robots. With over 100 loot box collectibles involved along with the new game mode, it’s no surprise that Blizzard is bringing it back again for those who missed out.

For this year, they’re making Tracer one of the characters you can play as with the Omnic brawl, starting April 10th. You can see the official announcement from Blizzard below:

We’ll keep you informed as any new details come out for Overwatch, including characters and events.

Source – Game Informer

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