Radical Heights Fail To Intimidate Fortnite

Radical Heights Fail To Intimidate Fortnite

With games like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds becoming interestingly popular, it’s no surprise that other games are trying to recreate the same experience. One particular follower of this trend has gotten some attention for its shortcomings.

This game, Radical Heights is a multiplayer shooter styled after 80’s pop-culture that has just been released on Steam Early Access. The problem is, the game is plagued with plenty of bugs and unfinished assets that has left a poor first impression on players. Other than that, the base game offers little to separate itself from the games it is trying to imitate. There is still plenty of time to fix these issues before its official release, but for the time being it is underwhelming.

Not to mention it’s by the same studio that made Lawbreakers, that failed due to numerous issues.

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Source – Forbes

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