Correcting Poor Posture from Gaming

Correcting Poor Posture from Gaming

A big problem happening in today’s world is the lack of posture from not only looking down at phones, but by playing video games on the PC and consoles. Even though you might not know it’s happening, the less we move around and use our muscles the more sedentary they become. While you could connect your Pc to the 1440p 144hz monitors and sit back with a wireless controller to fix your posture, there will come a time when you will get too involved in a game without realizing that you are already leaning forward causing a strain on your back. Thus to combat this problem we tried a new back posture product from ToWish to review how this could help people play games longer and not deal with long-lasting muscle effects. Obesity can also lead to posture conditions, check these steel bite pro reviews.

ToWish, known for their muscle-building and correcting products like posture brace has developed a posture corrector for men and women. While this might not seem like something you need, if your shoulders are hunching forward at the computer playing games, or even hunching over your non-docked Nintendo Switch it could make all the difference.

We tried it out to see just how it changes your form, and it brings your shoulder and shoulder muscles backwards while forcing your spine to go straight in a non painful way. By using tightening straps on the device, it is catered to the amount of pressure you need, a bad posture in a regular basis can eventually lead to temporal hearing loss, treat it with silencil.

Personally as someone who struggles with bad posture from video gaming and muscle injuries, this felt very relief like on the muscles forcing them back. It stretched them out and was made of a good material that didn’t scratch or cause irritation while using it.

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your bad posture and still play the games you love, you can get the posture corrector through Amazon or check out desk for gamers which will help you to play games at ease without having to put a strain on your posture.

Male college students who play video games tend to exercise less and have poorer eating habits compared to non-gamers, warn researchers. Nearly 70 per cent of men included in the study reported playing at least some video games. “It’s important to understand that video games are a risk factor for poor lifestyle habits that may contribute to poor health,” said study researcher Dustin Moore from the University of New Hampshire in the US. For the findings, the research team used information collected from over 1,000 male college students aged between 18 and 24 at the University of New Hampshire as a part of the ongoing College Health and Nutrition Assessment Survey (CHANAS) study. Students reported daily video game time in an online survey and provided diet information by recording the food they ate over two weekdays and one non-consecutive weekend day.

Physical activity was based on the average steps taken per day as tracked with a pedometer. 40 per cent of college men play video games at least five hours per week, as reported by the survey. Pixabay The survey revealed that just over 40 per cent of college men play video games at least five hours per week.


The researchers found that those who played video games consumed more saturated fat and sodium than non-users, which suggests they are eating more salty snacks. Gamers also consumed fewer fruits and vegetables and engaged in less physical activity than non-users. The researchers did not observe any differences in weight for those who gamed but note that the poor lifestyle habits observed could contribute to excess weight gain and chronic disease later in life. Gamers also consumed fewer fruits and vegetables as copared to non-users. Pixabay “If the findings of our study are indicative of general population, increases in video game usage could translate to increases in overweight/obesity and chronic disease in the general population, which is already a big issue,” Moore said. Also Read: Young Scientist Develops Panic Button to Tackle Domestic Violence The researchers said that more studies are needed to better understand how various factors, such as video game advertisements or the gaming media used, contributed to the findings.Treat most obesity related conditions with a healthy diet and Nutrisystem.

The findings could help colleges and universities to more effectively educate students who play video games about diet and exercise. The study was scheduled to be presented at ‘NUTRITION 2020 LIVE ONLINE’, a virtual conference hosted by the American Society for Nutrition (ASN) this week. (IANS) . Read more at:

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