Potential No Man’s Sky Xbox One Release Date Leak

Potential No Man’s Sky Xbox One Release Date Leak

According to a listing on Amazon Italy, No Man’s Sky is expected to release earlier than we thought on the Xbox One! Check out the suspected date here, and see the Amazon page!

After looking on Amazon Italy, it shows that No Man’s Sky is supposed to release on June 29th 2018, just a few months away on the Xbox One. While this isn’t yet confirmed by Hello Games, this comes as a promising addition to the franchise in expanding on another console.

We’ll keep you informed as new details develop for No Man’s Sky, and especially their release on Xbox One.

No Man’s Sky is an action-adventure survival game played from a first person perspective that allows players to engage in four principal activities: exploration, survival, combat, and trading. The player takes the role of a specimen of alien humanoid planetary explorer, known in game as the Traveller, in an uncharted universe. They start on a random planet near a crashed spacecraft at the edge of the galaxy, and are equipped with a survival exosuit with a jetpack, and a “multitool” that can be used to scan, mine and collect resources as well as to attack or defend oneself from creatures and hostile forces. The player can collect, repair, and refuel the craft, allowing them to travel about the planet, between other planets and space stations in the local solar system, engage in space combat with alien factions, or make hyperspace jumps to other star systems. While the game is open ended, the player may follow the guidance of the entity known as the Atlas to head towards the centre of the galaxy.

Source – IGN

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