New Overwatch Skins For Pass Owners

New Overwatch Skins For Pass Owners

For those who own the All-Access Pass for Overwatch League on Twitch, a new set of skins will be available to you. This will bring not only more variety to the game, but provide in-game content for the OWL participation! See it all here.

To those unfamiliar, this allows players to watch the professional Overwatch player fight with constant statistics for each individual player along with other various features with no ADs. You can also take part in the subscriber only chat-room, get 23 Twitch global emotes, and a global chat badge. If you’re really into Twitch and Overwatch this is the perfect purchase for you.

The pass is currently available for $29.99 and will last owners until the start of the 2019 Overwatch League. As for the skins, they are all based on the various teams in the league.

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Source – egmnow

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